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About Us

“This is our obligation to children, to enlighten them and continue our path ...” M. Montessori

Escuela Montessori Madrid was founded in 2016 with the hope of giving children a space of peace, love and respect, where they can develop their full potential from an early age, thanks to the prepared, orderly and beautiful environments offered by our centre. We have a team of guides, who are dedicated to integral development and who are convinced that Montessori education - education for peace - creates better human beings and a better future for humanity. Although ours is a young school, our team has many years of experience both nationally and internationally.


We accompany children with different abilities with great love and care. In a prepared environment, Montessori curricular adjustments are not needed because children receive  individualized education, are guided in the development of all sensory channels and work at their own pace depending on their difficulties or limitations.


"We must be sure that, even for a child with the greatest difficulties, there is a base of understanding on which learning can be built" - M. Montessori

Our Philosophy


Escuela Montessori Madrid is governed by the philosophical principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. Here children are our teachers every day. We educate with love, respect and for peace. We know that children have an internal force that drives them to "self-build" and adapt to their environment.We educate with love and respect with the aim of building a peaceful world. We know children have an internal force that drives them to build themselves and adapt to their environment. That is why have a respectful view of children, those delicate and grandiose beings. We observe their ways of being and their needs and allow their freedom of action and autonomy. Only then we can guide them in their integral development and build a better society in which people have personality, creativity, seek solutions, are proactive, cooperate and strive for peace.

”When we educate to cooperate and be in solidarity with each other, that day we will be educating for peace.”      M. Montessori


Our mission is to accompany children on the basis of love and respect, guiding them in their internal development through their internal forces an potential: COGNITIVE, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL, SPATIAL AND SOCIAL.



To prepare the adult of tomorrow, as a self-confident, independent, responsible person and with a desire to help and to be of service to the community.

Nuestra Filosofía



To oneself, to every living thing, to our surroundings and the world we live in

Quienes acompañaran a tus hijos

Who Will Guide Your Child

“The teacher is not the one who fills the child with knowledge, he is more of a guide, a being who must accompany, encourage, respect and follow him; always helping his self-development.”     M. Montessori

Our team is formed by educators and trainers with extensive experience in the educational and Montessori sector, but above all, by loving, respectful and observant human beings. Self-observation and caring for our human, spiritual and emotional growth are requirements for those who work at our centre. We are transmitters of peace, respect and love.​

Each member of Escuela Montessori Madrid is committed to our vision and values, not only professionally but personally, understanding that our role is to facilitate and guide the children's development. We allow their freedom of action and we know that each child is unique and special. We accompany them from the heart and respect them always as human beings.


"A proof of the rightness of the educational intervention is the happiness of the child." M. Montessori


Una escuelita realmente maravillosa, con unas maestras con una calidad humana increíble. Combinan el trabajo Montessori con pedagogía Bosquescuela, para mí es la mezcla perfecta y mi niño va feliz cada día.

Ana María Valderrama

“We are convinced that the Montessori educational philosophy allows the children to develop their complete potential from their uniqueness”                                    

 Father of Carla and Rodrigo

"Thank you for making me connect with you, with myself and with my baby..."               Sofía's mother

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