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“The child embodies in himself the environment that finds and builds himself the man adapted to live in it....”    M. Montessori

The first six years are fundamental in the life of any human being. It is where the personality is established and values ​​are formed. A Montessori environment has everything that is essential for the child's optimal development. It is a space prepared by the adult for the child. It must be ordered, structured, beautiful, simple and real. It is an environment that gives the child freedom and independence, everything is within reach and takes the child's size into account. There are prepared adults, observers and children of mixed ages where they learn to live in a community, to respect, to be helpful and to ask for help.


At Escuela Montessori Madrid we have three different age groups. There is one adult for every four babies in the "Nest". The “Children's Community” has one guide or co-guide for every 6 children. “Children's House” has one guide or co-guide for every 10 children . There is also continuous supervision by the pedagogical coordinator and by carefully selected practitioners trained in the Montessori system.


4 to 12 months

This environment is for babies between 4 and 12 months or until they walk without the help of an adult. The babies are accompanied by loving persons carefully trained to meet their needs in the areas of care, affection, hygiene and food at this stage. The Nest space is bright and warm. It has all the necessary materials for optimal sensory development and refinement of the five senses. The furniture gives the baby freedom of movement as well as total security, and a quiet space for resting.


Children's Community

Walking age to  3 years old

The Children's Community environment is a continuation of home at school. It is a spacious, beautiful and welcoming environment. Everything is at the children's height with furniture and materials that enhance their independence and optimize their development. The beauty, the order and a loving and observant guide, make this environment an ideal place for children from walking and up to the age of three years to develop freely.

Children's House

3 to 6 years old

Children between the ages of three and six years old enjoy this beautiful environment, full of sensory materials, mathematics, language and cultural areas as well as art and practical life. It has a guide prepared and observer of their sensitive periods as well as respectful of their pace and needs. The "golden rules" and clear limits allow a responsible freedom where children achieve their independence, their self-construction and the optimal development of all their potentialities.

Comunidad Infantil
Casa de Niños
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